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The Value of Football

It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.

-Paul Bear Bryant

"You Can't Cheat The Game"

Archie Manning - Why Football Matters

Kenny Chesney - Why Football Matters

If you want to help your son become a better man, have him play football.

  1. Football is played in bright sunshine, in 90-degree-plus temperature, freezing rain, snow and bone chilling weather. During life we will face many storms we will have to weather. Football teaches us that, to succeed, we must carry on regardless of the weather or crisis we are encountering.
  2. A huddle is made up of big, small, fast, and slow. A huddle is made up of different races, different religious beliefs, different economic situations, and different mentality levels, but all must work together in order to create a successful play. Football teaches us that in life, we must be able to work with people of all beliefs, talents, races and religions in order to move forward.
  3. A receiver sometimes must go up in a crowd to make a catch. In life there are times we must rise above the crowd for the good of the whole. Certainly as a husband and a father, a man will need to soar high for the good of his family.
  4. A lone punt returner must be calm and confident in order to catch a punt with eleven defenders closing in on him. In life, there will be many times a man will need to be calm in the face of a crisis. Football teaches us that in life, like returning a punt, we are not alone and we have other “teammates” we can depend upon.
  5. Eleven players must all know the “count” if a play is going to be successful. If just one forgets and twitches just a little, the play is a failure. Football teaches us that we all must work with and depend upon others to be successful. If just one person “twitches” and slips up on the job, the project will not be successful. Football teaches the importance of teamwork and accountability.
  6. There are times a “goal line stand” is needed to secure victory. In life there will be times when we will need a strong commitment to others, a strong belief in ourselves, and strong perseverance in order to stand up for the team and help the team to succeed. Football, through the goal line stand, helps reinforce the importance of believing in and serving others.
  7. Football, like life, is full of highs and lows, successes and setbacks. Football teaches us the importance of getting up after being knocked down. Football teaches us to learn from our setbacks and move forward. Football teaches us the value of working with and depending upon others. Football teaches us that the character of the person is most important and bias and prejudice in football, like life, holds everyone back.

If you want to help your son become a better man, have him play football.

The importance of Football